About Us

We aim to inspire and empower young people through sport and exercise

Team Hemley Training is a Sport Development & Education company passionate about using sport and exercise to develop all important life skills such as resilience, communication, persistence, commitment and respect in young people.

We believe sport provides a pathway to high performance not just in the sporting arena, but in life as well.

Team Hemley has a proven track record working with 1000’s of school-age individuals in high performance, wellbeing, health, specialist coaching, academy and fitness-based programs within schools, clubs and the community over the past eight years.
In addition, we believe in a whole of system approach to getting the best out of kids through sport, so our work within schools, clubs and organisations includes working with not only the young athletes, but their parents, teachers, coaches and support teams.

Our passion is creating environments where people can stay injury-free, engaged in sport, reach their dreams, stay connected to community and overall, develop a love of exercise, sport and physical challenges.

A multi-faceted organisation, we conduct a range of health, technology, fitness and performance services Australia wide including:


Our vision at Team Hemley is to create and maintain a thriving community which inspires and empowers young people to live their best lives through sport and exercise.


Our mission is to deliver high quality, inclusive and capacity building programs that build active lifestyles and sports performance in schools, clubs and the community Australia wide.


Team Hemley is guided by six basic core values. They are: Collaboration, leadership, initiative, community, passion and creativity.

Our values in detail


We work for, not against and are extremely community orientated in our approach. Nothing gets us more excited than working with likeminded individuals, clubs, organisations and coaches.


Team Hemley are leaders in cutting edge sports development, services and technologies. We are always seeking new and innovative ways to educate, inspire and provide opportunities to encourage others into a life of sport and exercise.


In sport and exercise, it can often be a case of doing what you’ve always done. However, is this the best way? Team Hemley is a solution focussed company constantly striving and aiming to deliver the best and most efficient service. If we can dream a better way of doing something….we’ll give it a go.


Team Hemley certainly have a ‘family’ feel with established relationships in the community, with local schools, clubs and organisations. Over the past eight years, we have built a thriving community that values respect, inclusiveness and the balance between physical and mental health.


Team Hemley are living, breathing examples of living life to the fullest through sport and exercises. Our staff are highly involved in the community, clubs and events and we simply LOVE what we do


We believe in creative solutions and ‘keeping things interesting’. No stock standard procedures around here! Team Hemley are not scared to be different and stand out. Our constantly varied training sessions and end of term ‘fun weeks’ are legendary.