Fit for Sport Classes

Team Hemley conduct a range of fun, age appropriate and progressive classes for the community, specifically designed for youth and adolescent athletes to have the fit, prepared and firing for their sport..

Team Hemley Training is a Sport Development & Education company passionate about using sport and exercise to develop all important life skills such as resilience, communication, persistence, commitment and respect in young people.

We conduct two types of Fit for Sport classes, Aquatic and Land Based.

Land Based Fit for Sport Classes

These classes are based on long term athletic development and include Strength for Sport, Speed & Agility, Boxing & Core and Running Technique & Intervals. Team Hemley land-based classes are a perfect way for young athletes to complement training for their chosen sport, reduce injury and increase performance.

Note: Currently being delivered on-line due to COVID-19 restrictions

We refer to Strength for Sport as our ‘Gold Standard’ class and encourage all members to come at least once a week. The term begins with professional fitness screenings and testing, before the athlete’s individual program is set for the term.

The major aim of this class is to build a strong strength base and movement competence to advance to more technical lifts such as the Olympic lifts. By doing this in a small group setting, you can ensure your young athlete is supervised with correct lifting technique. Over time, we encourage independence, so the athlete truly understands what they are doing and how to behave in a gym environment.

Through our Strength for Sport curriculum, athletes progress through strength progressions for all of the major movement streams, using bodyweight first and then move on to using to resistance equipment, dumbells and barbells, when they are ready. Setting them up for a lifetime of gym knowledge and within this class.

This class is built around the development of dynamic movements most common to sports such as jumping, hopping, sprinting, landing, throwing, catching, kicking and hitting. These movements require correct acceleration and deceleration technique, as well as the ability to change direction, which is a majorfocus of this class.

A great session to develop upper body strength, cardiovascular fitness and core strength, whilst staying off the legs (making this a perfect option to recover from the weekend game on a Monday). Plenty of challenge, game play and interaction throughout this session.

All of our running sessions have a different focus for the main set, however the first 30 minutes, the focus is always on developing running technique through dynamic movement, strength exercises and run specific drill progressions.

The second 30 minutes is specific to the focus of the session and depending on the group is either SPRINT or MIDDLE/LONG DISTANCE TRAINING.

Sprint Training: Perfect for track and beach sprint/flags specialists, plus athletes who require ‘fast off the mark’ and sustained sprinting such as AFL, Soccer, Hockey and Baseball.

Sessions incorporate principles of sprinting, power development, hill work and track specific skills such as starts and ‘running the bends’.

Middle/Long Distance Training: Focus on a range of interval style sessions incorporating principles such as fartlek training, intervals and circuits. Perfect training for cross country, triathlon, fitness, field sports (AFL, Hockey, Soccer), fun run and middle-distance track events (400m +).

Aquatic Fit for Sport Classes

Our Swim Squads at Team Hemley are built out a desire to encourage swimming for life, beyond ‘learn to swim’ lessons. We want people to enjoy the benefits of swimming to be able to choose if they wish to focus on a performance pathway, or stay swimming for more social reasons.

Participants need to be able to swim a minimum of 50m freestyle and at least one other stroke for 25m with competent technique to be able to enter our ‘Transition Squad’, the pathway to into our more advanced training squads. As well as continuing to develop stroke technique, participants will learn squad related skills such as tumble turns, using the pace clock and race starts/dives. Average age of transition squad is 8-10 years and they can move on once they are comfortable with 1.5-2km/session.

Format of session:

  • 30 minutes warm-up incorporating = Base drills (kicking, sculling and pull) and stroke technique drills
  • 25 minutes = Challenge Set & Skills (tumble turns, streamlines, dives)
  • 5 minutes = Team Hemley weekly challenge

Note that most of our transition’s squads are ‘Surf Squad’ focussed, with an emphasis on freestyle and open water skills/drills for children who compete in Nippers. Most participants would look to join our more senior surf squads on completion of transition squad.

Our surf and ocean-based squads are targeted at surf lifesavers, triathletes, surfers and ocean swimmers. With a focus on freestyle stroke development and fitness, we also work surf related skills such as polo swimming, drafting, pack swimming, dolphin dives, strength work and navigation skills. All swimmers who enter surf squads must be able to swim 100m competent freestyle on entry.

For consistency amongst participants and the smooth running of the session, we aim to grade our squads into Junior (average age 8-11 years, swim 1.5-2km per session), Intermediate (average age 10-14 years, swim 2-3km/session) or Advanced (can comfortably swim 3-4km sessions, secondary school aged).

Over the summer months, we conduct sessions in the ocean at Cosy Corner, Torquay. These are either ‘Long Swims’ or ‘Ins & Outs’:

– Long Swims (more continuous swims out the back around the cans) which are suitable for adults and advanced swimmers. Intermediate swimmers are welcome if they are accompanied by a parent

– In’s & Out’s: Are suitable for all ages and abilities, working swim/runs, entering and exiting the water for open water swims, triathlons and surf lifesaving.