Physical Literacy

It is so important that Australian children grow up with high levels of physical literacy for long-term physical, mental and emotional health.

Developing a love of activity and competent physical skills forms the basis of the whole Team Hemley philosophy.

Therefore, we are so proud to offer a range of services to build the capacity of schools to create physically literate environments such as:

Physical Literacy Policy Development & Strategic Planning

Our Policy Development for schools link directly the World Heath Organisations (WHO) Health Promoting Schools Framework. Our team can meet your schools’ specific needs and aims to create a more active community, developing policy and strategy in the areas of:

Team Hemley Training App & Staff Training

Our Team Hemley Training App delivers on-line physical literacy training for staff, along with accompanying resources to develop sessions plans which are linked to curriculum. One of the easiest ways to build the capacity of staff at your school.

With specific sessions for Primary and Secondary teachers, Team Hemley can also deliver Physical Literacy & Long Term Athlete Development Training face to face. Training includes:

primary schools TEACHER Training

secondary school Teacher Training

Excursions and on-site programs for students

Team Hemley can visit your school and deliver our incursions and professional fitness testing.

primary school incursion options

secondary school incursion options